domingo, 30 de mayo de 2010

21st Century Manifesto

Si alguna vez fuese líder de una revolución o algo por el estilo, esto es algo parecido a lo que escribiría dadas las circunstancias. Influencias: Whitman, Ginsberg, Low.

Your guns and knives will be of no use against us all
Our drums and words will make us march to world's end
And our throats will death-defy those who dare oppose us
In a battle between violence and music, calumny vs principle

We have had too much already, and we tell you: it just can't go on any longer

A lie supreme is what you have created, impenetrable and perverted
Leaving us cold abandoned on the subterfuge highways of deceit
Blinded by the smoke in wretched caverns of embryo howls
Soaked in the waters of atlas murder and tears in vain
Tortured by the chains of mediocrity and myth

And we won't take this any more, and thru night and fog we will go
Listen clear: this is our letany, our promise, our chant and philosophy

And if one of us should fall, we will all fall with him, hard as it may be
For we're all in this together, and none shall perish without remembrance
For every one of you there will be a thousand of us, and make no mistake:
We will gnash our teeth and crack our knuckles, with the verb ready on our tongues
We will look forward with our heads high and our eyes wide open with cries
We will fight for everything that is beautiful and true and yes:

For the beauty smeared in dirt and mud, vilified by your breath of ghost
For the holy truth that you have tried to bury with your dead hands
For the yes you raped with the specter of sadness and distrust

So come on, we're waiting for you motherfuckers, our guts are more than ready to be hit
Beat us to a sad pulp in this purgatory of madness, it can't get any worse, can it now
Drag us to the end of time, crucify us in eternity, crush our bones with your grief
Kill our names with your syntax of suicide, seize the day and turn it into the blackest night
Because the revolution is on the table, and as we march together no-one can stop us
And we, young and old, brothers and sisters, will live & die in hope, without ever forgetting
The things we lost in the fire, and we will go forth, go forth, go forth, go forth, go forth, go forth

5 comentarios:

  1. Oh, the wind, the wind is blowing,
    through the graves the wind is blowing,
    freedom soon will come...

  2. Oh sí,
    Debo decir que envidio tu amplísimo léxico... envidio, rotundamente.
    ¡¡Qué escrito tan potente!! ¡Me gusta de sobremanera!

  3. You filthy filthy mouth! I mean, death shall prevail among all those that threaten the great freedoms, but keep it PG-13! Hahaha I really believe you should grab a hammer and I don’t know break something (windows are way too risky, try something wooden-like, it’s stronger yet more satisfying to easen up the pain)

    My fav lines were:

    “For the yes you raped with the specter of sadness and distrust”

    “Kill our names with your syntax of suicide, seize the day and turn it into the blackest night”

    I don’t know, maybe I like violence and black, because they’re go together like peanut butter and bread (jelly isn’t for all) and they seem delicious! The combination of all is just twisty….I wish you revolutionary souls good luck haha (though they could have a bit more charm! Or is that prohibited with gory wishes of annihilation?)

    p.s.: The things we lost in the fire.. sabía que me sonaba a algo! Es una Halle Berry movie de 2007… though, it’s not at all like your poem.. or is it?

  4. O Male!

    No threat shall go go away unscathed!

    As for 'the things we lost in the fire'... I borrowed from the title of an album by Low, an American band -- I really like it, it's very descriptive.

  5. Pablo, tengo que decir, primero: ¡felicitaciones por este fantástico blog! ("awesome" is a better word, but I haven't found a suitable translation.)

    Segundo, does the enthusiasm (better, the drive) I see here not smell somewhat of Marx? I wouldn't think it bad if it did.

    Para alguien que piensa sobre todo en las cosas políticas y menos en las artísticas –o sea, yo–, es difícil no tomarse las cosas en serio (es decir, por sus efectos en el mundo), and that pretty much ruins most poetry for me (although I have found a safe haven in Pope's rhymes recently). I guess learning to read poetry is, first of all, an exercise in detachment, which comes more easily to some (probablemente, tú y algunos de tus amigos en este blog), and less so for others (yo). Al final, es demasiado fácil caer en las distinciones analíticas, como aquella de Kant entre "lo bello" y "lo sublime", que no deja de ser una curiosidad filosófica, y perder la fuerza.

    En cualquier caso, ¡me ha encantado!, pero si puedo dar una impresión más, diría que este Manifesto -tal vez como su antepasado comunista- tiene quizá un poco más de furia que de esperanza, y he ahí algo de su fuerza, pues la esperanza es bella, pero no creo que sea potente.

    Great lines:

    "Beat us to a sad pulp in this purgatory of madness"

    "Kill our names with your syntax of suicide, seize the day and turn it into the blackest night"

    Un abrazo,

    Pedro José